Beenie Man blames government for problems


edit_Beenie_Man.jpgBeenie Man's claim that he was being targeted because of political reasons was firmly dismissed by the ruling Jamaica Labour Party.

According to a release on his claim was referred to as "Misguided, mischievous and absurd!"

According to Beenie Man, he is being targeted by the new Government because of his support for the People's National Party (PNP).

The JLP stressed that the tax assessment levied on Beenie Man and the action to recover through the courts was initiated long before the present government took office.

They also pointed out that Beenie Man's former manager and PNP candidate, Patrick Roberts, recently stated that it was not the first time the government had attempted to collect the multi-million dollar tax claim.

According to the JLP, Mr. Roberts also stated that his company had challenged the tax assessment in the past.

Beenie Man will be returning to court on December 10 to face the music.


  • beeni must grow up and stop being a fool sh*t man

  • sexyting

    i think if it is really true what they are saying about beenie he should stand up to his responsibility and let people stop say bad things about him. sometimes beenie should keep him mouth shut nobody ask him what party him support and besides every body have there right to support who dem want support.what happen to we jamaican's when its come on to crime and voilence?deh a war over palitics and the same people weh deh a war over a laugh afta deh,how stupid,beenie gwan ole the faith not everyone will like u but u have come a far way,so peace out

  • evad

    I never see the killa eva endorse no Party to be labelled a labourite or socialist

    the man made a honest social commentary so years ago that poor people fed up and even wid a change of goverment poor people still fed up

    check the free light buld whey the PNP did a distribute at a cost of over 270 million dollars

    poor people no must blood clawt fed up and if the labourite dem come a f**k up like the PNP

    di killa will do a remix of poor people fed up

    so zagga zow who seems to be wiping betweenies ass these days need to check himself and mine him get coppa from the uzi


    zagga zow...U A F***IN EDIAT...u seh Killa owe taxes, but jus tru him party in power u dont hear ntnt bout r u implying dat Killa has onli not payed taxes for 2 months??? how come PNP neva arrest him 4 all dose years?...cuz him neva owe nuh taxes!!!!!...ediat...and plus if beenie blame JLP fi mekin him pay him taxes...dat mean PNP is even more corrupt dan PPL tink...and dem damn corrupt from long tym!!!

    Boom Bang KABOOM



  • MajorT

    Yuh see it tuh key key ???? Dem get too emotional when it concern dem rated DJ. CHO !!!

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