MAVADO keeps his promise


Mavado presents the new PCs to Constant Spring All Age Business Basic Coordinator - Ms Marva Maylor.jpg

Mavado kept his promise to assist in ensuring all local schools are able to connect to the Internet by donating 2 computers each to Constant Spring All Age and Charlie Smith High School recently.

The DJ gave God thanks that he was in the position to help students in the country. "I gave to Constant Spring Junior High and Charlie Smith first, because I attended those schools myself, but we will be going to schools around the island. Our aim is to cover every school," Mavado quipped.

Marva Maylor, Business Basic Coordinator at Constant Spring All Age expressed her gratitude and appreciation for the donation. "We really appreciate this donation. I hope that other entertainers will follow and try and make a difference," was her encouraging remarks.

Mavado and Charlie Smith High school principal Mr Dennis Kelly.jpg

Mr. Dennis Kelly, Principal of Charlie Smith High was both touched and surprised at Mavado's gift as he says, "This donation was a surprise because David Brooks did not have a long stay at this institution and for him to remember us is a really good thing."

Through CONNECT JAMAICA Mavado hope to donate computers every month to schools around the island, raising funds via various events and donations as they capitalize on telecommunications provider Flow Jamaica's offer of free Internet connection to all schools over the next two years.

St. Michael's computer.jpg

Yesterday Mavado continued his quest in keeping his promise when he presented St. Michael's Infant School with a complete computer system inclusive of a printer. The presentation was done by his manager Julian Jones-Griffiths and a representative from VP Records' Aurian Wilson.

Next on the CONNECT JAMAICA agenda according to Julian Jones-Griffiths are Shortwood Practising,Swallowfield Primary and a school to be announced in Stony Hill.

St. Michael's computer2.jpg

Mavado's annual Birthday Bash dubbed the 'Real Mckoy' will take place on Saturday December 1st at the Temple Hall Estate in St Andrew and will be donating a significant portion of the proceeds towards purchasing computers for CONNECT JAMAICA.

"Investing in the future of our nation is not something you need to be inspired to do; it is everybody's duty. I have a powerful voice amongst the people so I intend to also use it positively and to help contribute to the future of our nation," stressed Mavado.