Rihanna kicked out of cousin’s wedding party!


rihanna_2.jpgWow! Rihanna recently attended her cousin Nigel wedding in Barbados and reports coming out on the internet is that she was asked to leave the wedding early!

According to mediatakeout.com the trouble began almost as soon as Rihanna arrived. Reports from guests at the wedding claimed, "I was shocked when I saw what Rihanna was wearing. Every time she moved, her [breasts] looked like they were ready to come loose." The tipster added, "[The bride comes from] a very Christian family. [Rihanna] should have known better than to show up wearing such scandalous attire."

The story doesn't stop there. According to a number of eyewitnesses, Rihanna refused to eat the food offered to other guests. An insider explained that "She brought her own food and wouldn't touch anything else...Our food must not be good enough for a big star like her."

At one point in the evening, the bride's family decided that they'd had enough. As one family friend puts it, "Rihanna was taking away from the [bride and groom's] day so we thought it was best to ask her to leave. She understood and agreed."

But before leaving, one guest claims that Rihanna gave the family a piece of her mind. According to the insider, "She started arguing with [her aunt and her mother]...Even though they were in the back, you could hear Rihanna yelling at her mother." The insider added, "Her mother is a very easygoing woman, so she just stayed quiet and waited for Rihanna to calm down....If she were my daughter, someone would have had to call the police."

Shame on you Rihanna.