No Credit, Bad Credit, Aquiline Card is For You!


By: Olimatta Taal

card.jpgImagine this situation, you need to rent a car but you don't have a credit card. What do you do? You have bad credit but you really want a credit card, could there be a solution? Aquiline Cards is the solution and is available for companies who have employees that can't get the standard credit card.

This is how it works. The Aquiline Card is a Visa or MasterCard that is set up through a pre-paid system that can be used anywhere that Visa or MasterCard is accepted. The card can be used as long as the value has not been depleted. Having access to a credit card of this sort will open up opportunities for more financial services and online purchases.

Aquiline Cards can only be set up by companies. All companies will have to set up their own customer requirements and structure disbursement projects. Another great benefit of this credit card is that clients can get additional cards on an account to permit friends and relatives locally or internationally to have access to funds.

The greatest benefit of Aquiline Cards is its flexibility and international backing. Where as many cards have limits as to how much money can be used per day, Aquiline is guaranteed to allow you to the opportunity to be more flexible based on the amount of money that is on the card. The card is also connected with banks in Ecuador, Cypress, England, and other areas to give it an international bend with thresholds set by the bankers association. To get an aquiline card, apply on line at: