Late Lord Kitchener's wife ordered to surrender house to his mistress!


musiciens_kitchener.jpgBut what is really happening in the world when a mistress has more ratings than a wife?

In Trinidad a High Court judge ruled on Friday, October 26 that the wife of the late calypsonian Aldwyn Roberts, aka Lord Kitchener, must hand over their Diego Martin home to the family of Roberts's mistress.

According to the report carried in the Trinidad Express Roberts's wife, Valerie Green, said she was hurt by the decision, and said her family and the country may now be justified in saying that Kitchener was not only the Grand Master of calypso and soca, but of dishonesty and deceit.

"These people don't know how Rainorama [Roberts's house at Diego Martin] came there. Is I have it so," Green said.

She defiantly declared that she will not move out of the house, even though Justice Lennox Deyalsingh said she had to move out by the December 31. Her attorneys plan to appeal the judge's decision.