Oprah take strong actions against child molesters at her school


By: J. Koni
Oprah Winfrey
, made a vibrant apology to the parents of students at her school in South Africa recently. The school administration is clouded with a sex-abuse scandal, which has already resulted in the dismissal of one of its dormitory matrons.

Addressing the parents, a tearful Oprah said, "I have disappointed you. I'm sorry. I am sorry." The occasion was an emergency meeting at the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls.

Allegations began two weeks ago that a "dorm parent" had been accused of fondling a girl and physically and verbally abusing several others, including grabbing them about the neck, beating them and hurling them against a wall. Since these findings have been confirmed Oprah has reportedly taken full responsibility for the immoral occurrence.

The accusations came to light after one of the pupils ran away, purportedly because she couldn't stand the alleged abuse any longer. Winfrey suspended the matron and at least one other staffer. The school's principal, who the girls complained had failed to take action, was placed on paid administrative leave as detectives and Child Protection Services probe the reputed misconduct.

"I trusted her," Winfrey told the families regarding the principal. "When I appointed her, I thought she was passionate about the children of Africa. But I've been disappointed."

Winfrey, described by reporters as visibly distressed, promised the parents that those found to have committed wrongdoing would be punished. Winfrey also gave the students, whom she referred to as her "daughters," her personal telephone number and email address in the U.S. so they could get in touch with her at any time.