Why do men allow skettels to hold them?


By Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgI give up! I have been trying to figure out what makes men tick and I now have to admit that I am nowhere close to finding out.

Who knows maybe Madness who just loves to cuss me out can actually give me an hindsight into how the male species function.

Here is my big dilemma – I am trying to figure out what would make a man who is married to a decent, hardworking woman...ambitious, sexy as hell to boot and jeopardize all that for one that's loud, brawling, non ambitious and makes no apologies for it!

Added to that, the skettel makes no secret of the fact that one man can't satisfy her so if you want her, you just have to be prepared to share...and he willingly agrees!

Seriously I am not talking about having a one slap off the skettel and then moving on. I am talking about a big grown educated, responsible man acting like an idiot and the skettel twining him around her little
finger and bragging to her friends about how she has him weak.

On top of that the skettel get too bright and start to call the house, (which the clown fool fool enough to give her his home number) and then having attitude when wife or the legit woman of the house answers.

And can you believe it when the wife questions him about the caller who dissed her, he has an attitude and actually starts to defend her!!

What is the power that these skettels have over you guys that makes you lose your senses…ditching all you have worked so hard to build up?

Let's be real here…you gonna tell me that this woman gives the wickedest slam and all that crap...so at the end of the day was it worth the breakup of your family?

In case you think this is all mumbo jumbo, I have seen professional men acting like idiots around these skettels. They jump and the poor fools asks 'how high'. They shell out money as if it's going out of style to cater to these women's needs and in return, sooner or later wifey can't take any more and she walks out.

Seriously the reason for this article came about because of a friend who allowed his marriage to fall apart over a loud, non ambitious female...who in the end when his wife left him, told him she wasn't interested in washing, cooking or any of that stuff as that's
what's wives are for! He ended up being a drunkard, lost his job and the respect of his friends.

So at the end of the day this one goes out to the guys...tell me...at the end of the day what's the real cost for a good slam?