Terry McMillan makes shocking revelations about her life with Jonathan Plummer


mcmillan_plummer.jpgOn Thursday November 15, 2007 an exclusive interview with Terry McMillan, one of the most celebrated African American writers of contemporary literature, will be posted to UNEQ Magazine.com.

Taking a pause from writing her seventh novel titled, "Getting To Happy," McMillan decided to speak out and bring closure to the vilification she has experienced by the public because of misinterpretations that surfaced during her divorce from ex-husband Jonathan Plummer. Details that have never been revealed about her relationship with the now infamous Jamaican gay man who deceptively lived a heterosexual lifestyle as her husband, will be disclosed in what has been described as a no holds barred interview.

McMillan, whose work is characterized by dominant female protagonists has written only brilliantly penned literary works from her first novel "Mama," to those that received more international attention like, "Waiting To Exhale," "Disappearing Act" and the famed "How Stella Got Her Groove Back," that actually somewhat portrays her early life with Plummer.

UNEQ Magazine reports the interview is shocking, with McMillan opening up on issues like mass amounts of money Jonathan stole from her private bank account and a discovery she stumbled upon that was so disturbing it would make any parent completely lose their mind. McMillan issued the following statement as her reasons for speaking out:

"I am not doing this to literally demonize Jonathan Plummer, but he is an evil person to have done the things he has taken pains to achieve. I loved him for years and did everything I could to help him evolve. The reason I told UNEQ Magazine so many of these previously undisclosed details is because he needs to be exposed to the community he is also pimping. He forgets that gay men have sisters and mothers. And it is because he doesn't care, just like he doesn't care if he ever goes back to Jamaica. It is the main reason he went on television to announce his homosexuality. He wanted the people in Jamaica to be embarrassed and to hate him so that in the event that our marriage were annulled - his goal was to use the self-generated hatred sure to come from Jamaica so that he would qualify for asylum and be able to stay in this country if his citizenship were revoked or in jeopardy. This is how slick he is. This was the main reason he and his attorney went on Good Morning America and leaked my so-called homophobic insults to the media and included them in court documents. But the public had no idea of this goal because the focus was on 'Terry the Homophobic Witch' and not his theft, betrayal or deception. What was it that he gave me that would make any man think that I should pay him spousal support? A grown, healthy, gay man who was all of 31 years old? I did not rent a husband. He tried to paint me as Mommie Dearest and apparently some people bought it because he did to the gay community what he had been so successfully doing to me for years and that was to play the sympathy 'I'm-the-victim' card. And he is certainly a very high-profile victim who has taken every opportunity he could to take advantage of his so-call called victimization."

"What I would really like UNEQ Magazine and members of the gay community to be very cognizant of is what is it that he has done since he came out of the closet that might benefit other gay men (and women) who are afraid to come out? What kind of platform has he chosen to draw positive attention to this problem? In every interview he's done, not once does he mention anything he's doing to help other oppressed gay men and women. Someone should ask him about this instead of always focusing on me. I've done more and shown more support for the gay community over the years than Jonathan will ever do. What is it he's doing besides getting a tell-all book published to draw attention to himself with the hopes of making money and once again all by pimping my fame? What has he done? Nothing. The gay men and women who are still suffering in Jamaica have not benefited one iota because of him. Quite the contrary. He gives gay men a bad rep as far as I can see. But he thought everybody was going to love him unconditionally. And look at what a spectacle he is making of himself and a mockery of his sexuality, all for his own personal gain. He could care less about men still in the closet."

UNEQ Magazine attempts to bridge the gap between the urban community at large and the urban gay community.