Percy Sledge's love for Jamaica is warm and tender

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By: Joseph Cunningham

Percy_Sledge.jpgPercy Sledge, the legendary soulful singer who has thrilled legions of fans for 41 years performed in Jamaica at the legend billed Classics in Reggae concert on October 28 and disclosed his strong feelings for the island saying his heart is 'nit' with "the land we love."

Percy told Yardflex during a very casual interview, "These days it's not so much about making hits. I have achieved so much over the years that now I am really focused on enjoying life." He said he likes watching baseball, plays golf and has good times with his twelve children.

However, Percy has made his fourth journey to the island because its people have showed him much love throughout his career. He revealed that he first came across Jamaicans when performing in England in 1966. In that year the mega-hit "When A Man Loves A Woman" was released. "I performed in England while on a tour and the Jamaicans in the crowd were so supportive. I fed off their energy for the entire set," he said.

This prompted the singer to perform in Jamaica the following year. "When I got here the love I received was overwhelming, and since then I am always happy to return because the Jamaican love is so sincere."

His hits, "Take Time To Know Her," "Warm And Tender Love" and "It Tears Me Up" are other songs that have crossed the border of race and culture in the way that only a real powerful love song can.

Further, Percy revealed that there are two things he has not achieved throughout his career, and he is about to open a new chapter that could "spell-bind" the music world again. He said, "A spiritual and a Christmas album are the things I want to achieve before I leave this word. The lord has blessed me with some of the most loyal fans in the world and so a spiritual album is how I want to say thanks to the lord."

Regarding the Christmas treat (album), he said that his fans have been requesting it for many years, and he wants to deliver an album loaded with Christmas love songs.