T.I. placed under house arrest despite objections


T.jpgFreed from jail but still confined by a house arrest order, rapper T.I. left a US federal court on Friday after posting a US$3million bond, AP reported. T.I. whose real name is Clifford Harris is facing weapons charges.

Conditions placed on his release include remaining at home except for court or medical reasons. According to AP, U.S. Magistrate Judge, Alan Baverman went along with the bond, that was somewhat opposed by government, on the condition that these restrictions are adhered to by T. I. Other limits to T.I.'s freedom were imposed. His passport was seized, he was ordered to refrain from owning guns and to stay clear of witnesses and informants in the case. Only his girlfriend and children have been approved to be with him. All other visitors will have to be court approved.

Arrested on October 13 for allegedly buying unregistered guns and silencers, Harris, 27, faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of $250,000 fine for each charge. Judge Baverman reportedly warned the rapper against taking the conditions imposed lightly. Breaking any of them would have serious repercussions that could include receiving a larger sentence in the long run.

Next date for T.I. to "check in" with the court system is November 5.