Kareem counteracts negative forces with love

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By: Joseph Cunningham

Kareem picture.jpgMavado and other entertainers who glorify gangster lifestyles are those who Kareem vows to counteract!

He is a Gospel singer who believes that "word power" should not be discredited, and so he says the messages being delivered by "gangster artistes" have been unleashing the wrong spirit on the Jamaican society.

"I want to be an agent of change through my music, promoting love, peace and joy," he said.

Kareem is convinced that music which educates is the way to go, revealing that as a younger man he admired the gangster image as well. The 21 year-old said his involvement in the music world began from as early as age 8, when he would deliver solo performances in church, and at that same age his older brother exposed him to drumming.

August Town, the Jamaican community where Kareem lives is plagued by sporadic outbursts of violence and it is no surprise that his opinion about "message" is as it is! He says he has seeing his community torn apart by poverty and its most infamous side effect, violence.

Out of a desire to see his community and the wider society become a better place, he recorded "I will Give You Love Tonight." "That song was an effort to comfort the poor and needy through my music,' he confirmed.

Beresford Hammond, Mahailia Jackson and Michael Bolton are singers who appealed to Kareem's musical taste buds as a child and they have inspired him since. Often compared to fellow young singing sensation Wayne Marshall, Kareem has own blend of style as well as songs and he is very versatile.

"I want to uphold Gospel music because when Christ left this earth he gave us a mandate to go throughout the earth, on the by-ways and the edges, teaching love, peace, long suffering, and encouraging everyone to love their neighbour as themselves," Kareem said.

Since February of this year he linked with Aramac Entertainment Agency and they have been releasing his music. As a former lead singer with the world renown Katalyst Crew, it was relatively easy for Aramac to promote his music, because Kareem was already a recognizable face and voice.

Songs popularly known from the singer are "It Nuh Easy," "Lift Up My Hands to the Father" and the very hip "Wave Your Hands."
His latest single titled, "Why" has been released recently along with a video. The song underlines some of the challenges faced by law-abiding citizens in the Jamaican inner-city. Fun in the Sun, Genesis and many other major concerts have been blessed with his talent. To see Kareem in full flight real soon, make a visit to Integration Thursday, this Thursday at the University of the West Indies, Mona.