Sizzla gets involved with Trinidad’s politics


sizzla-kalonji.jpgReggae star Sizzla Kalonji is being more vocal about Trinidad's politics than he was about the election in his own country.

In an article printed in the Trinidad and Tobago Express Sizzla says he fully endorses the move by the incumbent People's National Movement (P.N.M) to unite the nation's youth at the Beyond Youth Rally at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain, this weekend.

The artiste claimed to have no qualms about making that endorsement since it is in the best interest of the people.

Well he may have no qualms, but a quick scan at the comments at the bottom of the story showed the natives resentment to Sizzla's support.

According to one comment, "Please can we keep Jamaican musicians out of Trini politics. Next thing election time will be murder time."

Another Trini was more vocal in his criticisms, "Well, well, we really reach! The electoral process is being taken for a 'pappy-show.' Now foreign artists are being imported to "Endorse." What the hell Sizzla have to do with Trinidad and our politics? First of all he is Jamaican, let him endorse over there and besides with the quality of life in Jamaica I am pretty sure that with the amount of money he got from the P.N.M he would endorse anything. Well boy, U.N.C have
RITCHIE SPICE and P.N.M have SIZZLA this is a real "party election" huh? Who needs to discuss real issues when we could be wining and putting our lighters in the air, huh? Ridiculous, I am ashamed."

"As musicians, we are the voice of the people we are looking for the equal rights and justice for the people and I am not afraid to meet with the Minister and tell him what the poor people need to improve their lives," Sizzla said in the interview.

Tourism Minister Howard Chin Lee greeted the reggae chart-topper upon his arrival at Piarco International. Chin Lee, the chief organizer of the Beyond Youth Rally, said the initiative is about his party encouraging frugal thinking among the nation's youths.

Chin Lee said choosing Sizzla as their main act was not at all a response to the United National Congress bringing another Jamaican reggae chart-topper, Richie Spice, to their youth rally last weekend. "We have been planning this for three to four months now. What we're doing is bringing together a group of acts that the youth can relate to," Chin Lee said.

Well sah, a wonder what would have happened if Sizzla had been this active in Jamaica supporting programmes for the youths!