Getting pregnant won’t keep the man


By Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgDamn if I do and damn if I don't. People, people, please read the article carefully before you start to put words into my mouth! I am amazed at some of the comments and I have to wonder...did I imply that!

Sorry if I am stepping on a few toes in this article but I am tired of women getting pregnant in an effort to lure the man from his upfront woman.

The lengths some women will go to in competing to keep what's not hers. Every time the man's ligit woman get pregnant, the matey pregnant too! Give me a break here, what's the catch anyway. Yeah we done know the man wutless aready, but does that mean you have to be
a breeding box just to keep a hol' on him?

It's sad and sickening to see these women without pride doing everything to hang on to a man that’s not even theirs.

I am a woman, but I wish I could get inside their heads to figure out what kind of satisfaction they derive knowing they are having these men 'outside children' that the man can't even let his wife know about. He has to hide and carry the smalls come and give to you. Many times you begging him to stay over and just sleep the whole night with you...because he is trying to hide the fact from his wife that he has another woman.

Where is the satisfaction when you have two or three kids and the man can't even come to some of the big events such school plays, soccer match thing wifey gets suspicious.

What kind of victory you think you have over the wife even if you have kids for the man and his wife don't?

If you were so damn hot, how come the man not signing divorce papers and popping the question to you? Or come he is hanging on for dear life to the woman he is referring to as his 'upfront' woman and you are still perched on the sidelines?

Wake up women! Come on have some pride and give yourselves more rating than that. Just because the man wants to have his cake and eat it too doesn't mean that you have to be his meal.

Children are the most beautiful gifts that God could ever give, but don't tarnish their beauty by having this stigma hanging over their heads.

Yeah, mi back broad, suh cuss if you want, but done the baby competition ting, "pickney caan hol' man again!"

In my next article, I have a bone to pick with the
men...peace out.