Beenie Man bigged up D'Angel in Costa Rica on stage show


By Afrika Queen

edit_Beenie_Man.jpgNeither the muddy field nor rain falling down on Beenie Man's band could prevent the doctor from giving a great performance on October 20 in Costa Rica.

Surprisingly his fans are still wondering what the heck is going on between himself and D'Angel because when he drew for 'Reverse The Thing' he bigged up his estranged wife on stage.

Hmm, after all that she did to him, one would think the last thing he would want to do is send kudos to her!

Anyway, Beenie doesn't deserve any bad names cause he really mash up the stage. He even took time out to big up God as always.

After delivering a first class performance The Doctor headed for the after party, which was another drama in itself. Beenie Man put on some mad dancing on the dance floor, proving to his fans that he's really the King of the Dancehall. He enjoyed friendly rivalry with the Jamaican dancehall queen who really had the crowd going. She showed that it was her wicked moves that ruled the dance floor that night.

Things soon fell apart as the self-acclaimed king of the dancehall could not hold the very expensive liquor and was drunk as a skunk at the after party. Between drinking and smoking Beenie Man started to carry on real bad. The Doc folded his leg around an iron pipe pillar and refused to leave, at minutes to 4:00 am.

Beenie Man has left tongues wagging in more ways than one in Costa Rica as many of the sweet African princesses there are wondering if he only 'bigs' up black girls in Jamaica but when he leaves the sandy shores behind he changes his taste.

"Him did deh deh a kiss up and make show with some white/Spanish/fat and ugly B***h that nobady want down here, and there was so much black beauty's down here," one woman who observed his behavior at the after party complained.

After his fun weekend Beenie Man should be in a better frame of mind for his court case on October 23.