Exco Levi... Dominating Canadian Reggae Scene


By : Joseph Cunningham

Exco Levi.jpgBeing awarded the "Most Promising New Artist" and "Best New Artist" at the annual Canadian Reggae Music Awards (CRMA) is a notable accomplishment for Exco Levi and his hit song, "O CANADA".

Also known as Wayne Ford Levy, he was born in Jamaica, the son of popular reggae artist Michael Levy a.k.a. Professor Wayne. Exco grew up in church, and sang on the youth choir, where he developed his passion for music. In addition to his vocal training, he learned to play the keyboard and gained a greater understanding of harmony and composition. As a teenager, he started to embrace the music of Garnett Silk, Sizzla, Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and he built his career around those icons.

"Receiving the award for the "Most Promising New artist", at the CRMAs is a great feeling of accomplishment,” he told Yardflex. The winning song "O Canada" is a tribute to his home away from home.

As his love for music grows and strengthens, he continues to work harder to expose his musical versatility. The success of "O Canada" has encouraged Exco, so do the many accolades that have come his way since he first launched into music, only in February of this year. "O Canada" is currently receiving airplay on Flow 93.5, CKLN 88.1 and CHR Y 105.5 and most other major radio stations across Canada.
In addition, he was also nominated for "Song Writer of the Year."

Exco performs solo with a Toronto based band- "The Black Eskimos" in which he sings and plays the keyboard.

"My interest in music increased while working at Stinenam Recording Studio in Jamaica. That is where I honed my skills as an audio engineer, recording in both digital and analog formats. I also worked with Terry Linen, Jah Mason, Ernest Wilson and Silver Cat at the Tripple Platinum Recording studio."

With Certificates in Broadcasting from The National Institute of Broadcasting in Toronto and The Trinidadian School of Music, Exco gained in-depth knowledge of the administrative aspects of the music industry and has developed and improved on the technological advancements that make the market so highly competitive.

With all these arsenals in tack his focus is know focused on revealing himself to the Jamaican scene. With an impressive performance at the recently held Curfest on his portfolio, he is saying, "The sky is no limit."

Exco feels, that there is a big difference between loving music and having a passion for it, he truly believes that his dedication is one factor that will help to cultivate and elevate his success.