Signs your man's cheating



Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgYes, I know you guys gonna cuss me out, but guess what I am looking out for my homegirls. It's time to help them see clearly, you're all not the slick players you think yourselves to be. Homegirls look out for those players!

Women, don't be caught off guard! No matter how slick men think they are, there are some dead giveaways that they are sampling the goods elsewhere. However, I have to caution – make sure you are not acting upon your paranoia and mistrust of your man. Some women need to work on their self-esteem as no matter how the man reassures, they are still convinced he is cheating, even when he is not.

This article is intended for men who think they can get away with playing around; using sweet lies to keep their partners in the dark. Still, no matter how great of an actor they are, there is no getting away from these infallible proofs. So if you don't want to be left in the dark, start paying close attention. Hopefully (if you are lucky) you will never have to see any of these dead giveaways, but if your man's roving eye is wandering then catch that cheating sucker now!

Listed below are signs you should be on the lookout for:

• Talking on the phone. Men are so predictable. You can always tell when they are talking to their buddies. The cell will ring beside you and they have no problem yapping away. But when a woman calls, you immediately know the difference, his voice lowers and suddenly the TV or radio is too loud in the room and he has to talk outside or in another room.

• Those tired 'working late' excuse. Suddenly your man who used to come home like clockwork is required to work late almost every night of the week and he has to go in on weekends too! You offer to drop him lunch at the office, being your considerate self, and he quickly brushes off the offer. When he does that, then pop in at the workplace to pay him a surprise visit, it will be interesting what you find out. You could try phoning him, but chances are he already has his best buddy covering for him.

• Can you imagine your man's going away on a trip and for the life of him he can't remember the name of the hotel, or the number of the place he will be staying. If you notice him getting annoyed at your persistent inquiries then you had better put him under close surveillance. Boyfriend’s got plans they don’t have you anywhere in them.

• Suddenly your sweet, caring, considerate man has changed before your very eyes! Things that he normally enjoyed doing with you he now finds boring; little things he found amusing are now irritants; he doesn't miss a chance to find fault with you, and he is generally being a first class pain in the you know where. Girlfriend, wake up! There is something fishy here and if it smells like it, it generally is.

• Be careful of men bearing gifts. I always find it suspicious when someone who NEVER bought you gifts during your relationship suddenly starts showering you with them. After all this time he realizes that he has a valuable woman at home? No, he has done something and his conscience is giving him hell, hence all those gifts.

• Poppy show! Your man has become a health freak before your very eyes. Once he wasn't bothered by the way he looked, now he has to go to the gym, his clothes are too tacky and he needs some hotter ones, he can’t pass the mirror without taking another glance at himself. When has he gotten so vain and obsessed with his looks? Duh! Since he has been checking out someone else.

• Watch out for those 'just good friends' excuse. Don't kid yourself that the woman will not be brazen enough to come to your home, or befriend you if she is sleeping with your man. Get your antenna up if she is seeking every excuse to talk to your man, and he is spending more time with her than you. The only reason she is being so sweet to you is to keep you off the trail.