South African Reggae Star Lucky Dube shot and killed


Lucky_Dube.jpgSouth African Reggae singer Lucky Dube was shot and killed in a carjacking attempt on Thursday night in that country.

Apparently he tried to drive away and crashed into a car and a tree, this according to police news and reports coming out of South Africa.

43 year old Dube was shot in front of his son whom he was dropping off in Johannesburg's southern Rosenttenville suburb, according to media reports posted on the internet.

Lucky Dube who many say sounds uncannily like Peter Tosh, recorded 20 albums in his career of over two decades. He was the best selling reggae singer in his country and racked up many local and international awards. In the 1980s the singer switched to reggae style of singing – as he joined the protest against South Africa's racist government.

President Thabo Mbeki along with the entire country is shocked and has reportedly called on the entire nation of South Africa, "To act together as a people to confront this terrible scourge of crime."

The insidious attack raises concerns about South Africa's hosting of the 2010 soccer World Cup. Recording an average of 50 murders daily, South Africa has one of the highest crime rates in the world. Reports cited UN statistics, that state - one in three Johannesburg residents has been robbed.

Lucky Dube's forceful sound will live on through vibrant recordings such as, "Slave," "Political Games," "Respect," "Touch Your Dreams" and "Celebrate Life." At the same time fans will hold dear to their hearts – fond memories of his energy driven performances.