Caribbean Dubpoets given a platform on BET J's


BET_ J_LOGO.jpgLast Saturday at 11am and 11pm, the first show for the series, Word Sound Power was viewed worldwide by millions on BET J. For the first time, dub-poets were given a platform on a commercial network to showcase Caribbean poetry for the world to experience.

Word Sound Power is an artistic force uniting the African oral tradition of rhythmic dub poetry and the literary art form of spoken word to form the voice of a new poetic generation.

Hosted weekly by M-1 of legendary Hip-Hop Duo Dead Prez, it features some of the best dub poets like Ansley Burrows, Cherry Natural, Yasas Afari, Suhir Hammad, LSX, Roger Bonair Agaird, Kamika and others.

The first three shows of the series were recorded at Boone Hall in Stony Hill. The cast will return to Jamaica to finish recording the rest of the show, utilizing the beauty, wonderful themes, and perfect location.

Word Sound Power redefines the boundaries of entertainment by directly addressing socio- economic, political issues with prose and purpose while providing an elevated visionary alternative to bridge the gap between cultures and countries of the African Diaspora.

This marriage of cultures brings together talented dub-poets of the world representing the Caribbean and African background to express them-selves creatively while sending strong messages. Produced by Roots Cause Entertainment and Earth Strong Production, Aranthes explains, "Dub Poets have never had a platform like this on a major international network. It's never been done before. BET J has given us a platform to showcase this art form across the world." Word Sound Power will air on BET J every Saturday at 11am and 11pm.