No more faking it!


By: Rootzgirl

Rasta-Girl-Posters.jpgAdmit it women, many of you don't enjoy sex with your mates as you would like and you are just enduring it because you don't have the nerve to tell him he does absolutely nothing for you! But how long can you stay in that relationship looking into the ceiling every time he climbs atop you? Trust me, that am not a healthy way to live, and it certainly offers you little pleasure.

Yeah, yeah, you can talk, so what can I do about it, he is a great guy otherwise and he is truly caring and he makes me feel like a million bucks (just not in the bedroom). Should I walk away from him when I can always pleasure myself later by masturbating?

We are not saying you should walk away from your man, but you don't have to 'endure' either. It's time to address that all important area in your relationship. If the guy is as great as you think then he won't mind you having a heart-to-heart with him right? Remember though that he is a man and therefore his emotions are fragile. Don't just blurt out that you have been pretending all along. Just tell him that you have some great ideas for making sex more enjoyable for both of you.

Maybe one of the reasons you have been so unaffected by his lovemaking is that he is not getting to the core of you. You have masturbated and even if you have not been so adventurous, you still know your body more than he ever will. So here are some tips that might make love making more enjoyable for you.

Invite your man to watch you masturbate. He should learn a thing or two watching your expression as you touch certain areas of your body and if he doesn't get the point, talk to him as you go along. Tell him exactly what it does for you when he touches the clitoris, or anywhere that really excites you. You could tell him that you love it when it is touched a certain way (of course, you will be demonstrating this as you go along!). Note, this is only for those who are comfortable with their man as well as their

Just to ensure that he doesn't think you have a problem with his lovemaking, ask him if he has any preferences; or if there is something you can do to make sex more enjoyable for him. Then you can in turn tell him your preferences and what really turns you on.

The next time you make love, take it step by step. Tell him you would like to try something new. Start off by just kissing, playing with each other, exploring your bodies with your lips and hands. Don't rush into penetration. You would be amazed how turned on you can get by heavy petting. Trading light kisses, sucking each other's nipples, playful bites, you know the drift...just enjoy the build up.

By now you must be wet and ready for that final step and if you aren't, continue petting until you think you are. Some positions do little for you, so if the one he is doing doesn't work, tell him! If you like it hard and fast, don't be afraid to request it. If you prefer the slow, leisurely strokes, then tell him too. Whatever works for you, be open about it. It is your life and you should enjoy it.

Too many women are suffering in silence as they think it is not 'proper' to talk about such issues. There is enough stress in life as it is, so don't make a martyr out of yourself. In the long run, your man will appreciate your honesty as the experience will be even better for him too. Who knows, he might have been having a problem with you pleasuring him and your candidness opened the door to a fulfilling experience for both of you.