T.I. Set Up


By Olimatta Taal

T.jpgFree T.I.!!! were the words expressed by a number of artist and host at the BET's 2nd Annual Hip-Hop awards on Saturday, October 13th, as it was evident that he was not there to pick up his award nor perform.

The whole evening there were speculations about why T.I. had been arrested. According to sources, T.I. was arrested at Walgreens by federal agents on charges stemming from an alleged firearms purchase.

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives arrived at T.I.'s College Park residence in Atlanta with a federal search warrant. These agents were seen carrying boxes of evidence but it's not clear whether weapons were in the box that T.I. purchased.

T.I. claims his innocence and that the charges against him are false. Rumors have been circulating that T.I.'s body guard set him up and cut a deal with the feds. According to T.I.'s friend, money was given to the bodyguard as an advance pay.

The rapper claims that he will not take responsibility for anything that the bodyguard bought with the money, including gun's, drugs, or formula for this children.