2face Idibia suffers third violent attack in 3 years


2_Face.jpg2face Idibia whose real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia was reportedly shot by unknown assailants on Thursday past in Nigeria. The 32 year old hit maker whose famous single, "African Queen" has taken the world by storm, was taken to hospital in Lagos where he is now recovering.

According to eyewitness reports, the incident occurred while 2face Idibia was en route to his FESTAC Town, Lagos home from the Murtala Mohammed International Airport. Around 3 gunmen approached the Honda vehicle the singer was in and ordered the occupants to open the doors. The witness reportedly said that it was while opening the car door that 2face Idibia was shot. This was his first time back home since winning the MOBO award on September 19.

A laptop computer that rested on his lap, minimized the impact of the bullet, and the singer bravely yelled for all other passengers in the vehicle to "Run run!" The driver of the Honda told of Idibia's bravery and also of his own injury of a gunshot to the arm.

Passers-by intervened and helped the wounded to the hospital in a van. They got to Cedar Hospital from the airport expressway, where Idibia was operated on at 7am the following morning. His condition has been confirmed as not being critical

Dr. Emeka Onourah said in a report, "He's responding to treatment. He has 22 pellets in his thigh, because it was a local gun. But we've been able to handle the situation. We've stopped the bleeding too. What remains is to make sure there’s no infection, and we create a way for the pellets to expel themselves." The doctor also refuted rumors about the singer being flown abroad for treatment.

On Friday Idibia was slated to perform in Ghana for a concert, but his doctors say he will be unable to perform anywhere for at least another 2 weeks. The singer, who was also viciously attacked by robbers in January 2005 as well as in December 2006, is reportedly doing well.