Women don't be fooled


By Rootzgirl

The time has come to call a spade a spade and present women with some real home truths. I am tired of the many intelligent, independent women out there who are hanging on to these men, washing, cooking, cleaning and treating them like kings, clinging to the hope that one day they will marry them.

Grow up! Take the advise of my dearly departed grandmother, "if a man have cow a him yard, him doh need to buy milk!" In case you can’
't figure out what she means let me put it in blunt terms. You are home giving the man everything he needs. He has a ready punash, someone to
cook his meals, take care of his home and in some cases his children...hat hasn't he got that the married man has?

Absolutely nothing! The only difference is that one woman is wearing a ring and the other is offering all these services without any recognition. I am tired of women tying themselves down with men year after year while he feeds her one excuse after another promising that "as soon as he pays off his loans" or "when he is more financially secure" or the ultimate "he isn't ready yet."

Now hold on a minute something just ain't right with this picture. You are telling me that finances isn't a problem to have you living with him, he is ready to have you living and doing wifely duties in the home, but when it comes to making a lady out of you there are too many obstacles in the way?

Women, it's time to be smart. I have heard too many stories of you wasting your youthful years with men only to be tossed aside quite ruthlessly for some 'fresh blood'.

Just think if you had called a spade a spade and demanded his intentions you could have made an informed decision a long time ago and make way for someone who would have really appreciated you.

Chu, don't let no man tie you down like cow and then butcher you when you have served your purposes.

If I carried out a survey throughout this country I would not be able to count the number of women living with men and still waiting for that precious ring.

My heart aches for some who are waiting to "go into church" but the dang stubborn man can't make up his mind whether he wants to marry her or not.

In closing I have one challenge for my lady friends you need to give these men a kick in the right direction. If he is not ready for commitment then you know he just wants to have his cake and eat it too...honey in his case love don't cost a thing...make him