Joe Gibbs Reunites with Dennis Brown & The Professionals


dbrown.jpgThe world's love affair with Dennis Brown and Joe Gibbs gets a boost with the re-release of the Crown Prince's classic roots album, "Visions of Dennis Brown" and the innovative dub collection, "African Dub All Mighty – Chapters 1 –4" from Gibbs, the legendary reggae producer. As part of the 17 North Street imprint's "Reggae Rewind" series, these re-releases join the celebration of music recorded at Joe Gibbs famed studio.

Launched in 2007 by VP Records, the 17 North Parade imprint pays homage to the historic location of Randy's Record Mart, the premier recording studio and record shop in Kingston, and the Mecca for Reggae music between the late 60s and 70's – an era strongly represented in both re-releases.

"Vision" will be tweaked, especially for the "Reggae Rewind" series, with special extended versions of songs like, "Love Me Always," "Stay At Home," "Say What You Say” and "Repartriation." Recognized globally as one of Dennis Brown's best, the album is the biggest of his career and was instrumental in helping to establish the Joe Gibbs Studio as a dominant recording house in the 70s.

Reggae's finest moments are re-visited with the 4 album set, "African Dub All Mighty- Chapters 1-4". Gibbs and his studio musician collective, known as "The Professionals" (including: Sly Dunbar, Lloyd Parks, Bobby Ellis and Tommy McCook), churn out the classic rhythms of Studio One and Treasure Isle labels. With Errol Thompson as master engineer, each album encapsulates the rhythms and melodies of the late 60's and 70's, updated in a 'rockers' style.

Thompson's inventive engineering techniques, sent dub soaring to higher heights during the 60s and 70s and his innovative effects on songs like, "My Best Dub," "African Dub," "Lime Key Rock" and "Angola Crisis," a remake of "I'm Still in Love" by Alton Ellis, that would be sampled by "Sean Paul and featured on his Grammy Award winning album, "Dutty Rock," are highlights.

17 North Parade invites you to join them where it all started.