By: Amanda Spence

aids_logo.jpgThe onus is on each individual to minimize chances of contracting diseases like HIV/AIDS, by having protected sex unless absolutely sure of their partner's status – through testing.

Today a sad story (sad for both accused and alleged victims)emerged. It speaks of a 22 year old Miami Club Promoter, Elidor Kersaint, who has been in prison since June for the crime of having unprotected sex while knowing he is infected with HIV. Recently more women have come forward to bring evidence against Kersaint who was born to an HIV + mother and has reportedly been infected all his life.

The question posed in a report is, what deep pain caused Kersaint's insane denial...how was he counseled and prepared from childhood to live with his disease...and most importantly – how many other Kersaints are being ignored. How do we prepare our world so people living with HIV/AIDS (especially youth who contracted this disease from birth – through no action of their own) feel free to disclose without negative repercussions.

While criminalisation of people living with HIV has become a much sought after 'prevention tool,' the argument brought forward by advocates living with HIV is: "Don’t Blame People With HIV/AIDS! You smoke cigarettes – you can get cancer...what part of YOU HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX...YOU CAN GET HIV/AIDS – doesn't everybody understand?"

Miami police are urging anyone who had relations with Kersaint to see a doctor then call police and Global HIV Advocates say "Wake up world – the majority of those who are actually HIV+ do not know their status – so do not have unprotected sex at any time with anyone – unless...you test first."