Foreigner fights for credit as originator of Electric Slide...Going Crazy over it?


By: Joseph Cunningham


The Electric Slide is one of the biggest cross-over hits in the history of the Reggae genre, and music lovers across the world have embraced it as a party song. Marcia Griffiths, former backup vocalist for Bob Marley delivered the song that was written by Bunny Wailer, who in tandem with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh became famous as the "The Wailers."

According to Marcia, "There was never an official dance move that accompanied the song. Dancers in Jamaica developed various body movements in the clubs." One of the many dances became extremely popular and was accepted as the official dance.

The credit was claimed by Ric Silver, a Caucasian man, who has been very possessive! He insists that when done correctly the dance is comprised of 22 steps and not 18 as is practiced by many.

Websites all over the world have been forced to remove their videotapes of the dance, since the dance has been copyrighted by Silver and restricted. Further, he has threatened to sue anyone who continues to post videotapes teaching the erroneous version of the dance. Silver says he was tapped by the owner of a club in 1976 to create a dance that would revive a Manhattan nightspot called "Beef Steak Charlie's." He said he was a professional dancer at the time who had worked with the likes of Martha Graham and Alvin Ailey, and so went home and blew the dust off the record that had been given to him by a DJ friend in New York a few years earlier.

The 1976 argument is where the drama begins, because Bunny Wailer the songwriter and Marcia Griffiths say the song was released in 1982! Marcia Griffiths is asking,"How can this man claim to have created the dance six years before the song was released?" She revealed that she had received a call from Silver a few years ago to team up for a lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey who he said he observed giving a lesson to her live audience without his permission. Marcia said she felt Silver was a strange guy from since then.

Silver has been making serious threats and claims, while all available industry records and history, supports a 1982 release!