Reggaeton takes centre stage in Jennifer Lopez music movie


By: J. Koni

j_lo_&_omarion.jpgJennifer Lopez has produced a movie starred by current R&B hotshot Omarion, which infuses rap, reggae, dancehall and bomba; the combination which is known to create the reggaeton sound.

The movie titled, "Feel the Noise" infuses the scenes with a vibrant music in the background. The story features a youth (Omarion) who has ambitions of becoming a rap star and is faced with adversity. In the opening scene, he ends up in jail and is then sent to Puerto Rico to where his father lives; a man he does not know. He's dealing with a lot of issues inside of him, but finds solace in this new sound, reggaeton.

The movie is one that will appeal to young people especially and Omarion hopes it will have the impact intended. "No matter what barriers there are and no matter what's in front of you, you conquer your dreams! I want young people and everyone to take that from this, because sometimes people feel like it's too late. And it's never too late to follow your dreams," he told reporters.

In related news, the singer is about to release "The Face Off" album featuring fellow young sensation, Bow Wow. "We went on four 'sold out' tours back-to-back, before we did 'Let Me Hold You,' which was a Top Five single. We just feel like this is a great opportunity for our fans to merge. We both could’ve done our own solo albums, but we wanted to do something different and exciting."