Sean Paul collaboration- “Baby Boy” before the courts


By: J. Koni

seanpaul_beyonce.jpg"Baby Boy," a 'musical anthem,' which arguably helped boost the superstardom of Jamaican Reggae singer Sean Paul, is currently the talking point the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The court received a copyright infringement case yesterday filed by a woman claiming that Beyonce Knowles' 2003 hit featuring Sean Paul, illegally uses lyrics from her song "Got a Little Bit of Love for You."

Jennifer Armour of Shakopee, Minnesota had a similar lawsuit dismissed by a Houston judge previously, but it is reported that she feels her case should be heard by a jury, and hence proceeded to appeal further.

Beyonce did not attend Wednesday's hearing, which took place before a three-judge panel.

Dana Kirk, Armour's attorney told the judges that an expert analyzed Armour's slow and melodic version alongside Knowles' song featuring Sean and that the two are substantially similar.

However, Knowles representative, Cynthia Arato said the standard for copyright cases is what an ordinary person hears, not an expert's analysis.

The judge who heard the case in Houston last year had ruled the two songs were "substantially dissimilar."