Incarcerated Foxy Brown links up with Mavado


movado_foxy.jpgHaving only been inconvenienced recently in Canada and not jacked up, stripped or mobbed, as is the popular opinion – 'Gangsta for Life,' Mavado was back in studio last week to record a track for incarcerated rapper, Foxy Brown's upcoming album, set to drop in November. It is official, that Mavado’s possessions were stolen by unscrupulous persons, reportedly connected to the Toronto hotel he stayed in. This incident was just another stumbling block and has effectively been overcome.

So "Feisty Foxy" and de 'Gangsta for Life,' have a tentative title for the new collaboration - "Fire." It was recorded at DASECA's studio with Koch Records' Bob Perry as producer. A report explained how Foxy planned this collaboration for some time now, shouting out Mavado on the intro and laying down her verses around 2 months ago.

"Foxy had been in dialogue with my manager for some time now talking about doing the track," said Mavado. "You know Foxy's a hothead so the combination with me and her was fire!"

"Koch has a lot of money invested in Foxy's project," said Perry. "Her going to jail obviously threw a spanner in the works, but we have to try and capitalize on the publicity that it has generated, which is why we are pushing out the record as quickly as we can."

Koch Records has an impressive and ever-growing roster of acts from all genres of music and this has thrust them to the top spot in the world as an independent record label. "Koch had some great success recently with the Sean Kingston single," Perry explained, "So our radio department is very strong at the moment. We were hoping Mavado would give us a great record that we could push as the single and we weren't disappointed."

Mavado has been spreading his wings with collaborations with overseas acts, teaming up with Busta Rhymes, Wyclef Jean and Uncle Murder recently for songs on their albums. Sales of his album, "Gangsta For Life - the Symphony of David Brooks" have been going well, keeping him in the Billboard Reggae Top 10 since its release.