Judge turned solo recording artiste launches CD “The Music In Me”


By: Elizabeth Smith

judgegonzales.jpgThe "red hot" Carol Gonzales launched her debut album entitled, "The Music In Me" at the Terra Nova Hotel on September 27, 2007. Making a bold statement of "follow your dreams," Gonzales made a daring shift from being a Judge in a court of Law in Jamaica, to being a sensational and sexy recording artist.

Although a bit late to start, the launch was a treat and some, with the confident, gorgeous and talented Gonzales proving to all present that this choice of hers is one that she will not look back on with regrets.

"...I gave away my robe last week," Gonzales exclaimed as she manned the tight on stage accompaniment. The album rocks with solid musicianship from many greats including horn playing icon, Dean Fraser. Gonzales was the undisputed star performer at this star studded launch, but powerful presentations also came from Dean Fraser, Chantelle Ernandez and Gas Money. Tarrus Riley was sadly missed.

Big Kudos to Dacosta Records, as Gonzales will bring a fresh reggae breeze – especially in the global mainstream. Gonzales had a solid and diverse team that spoke volumes to her inclusive stance in life. Her proud girls, husband and oodles of judiciary types looked on with nuff love and pride.

judgegonzales_&_ family.jpgImprovising on stage and interacting with the audience, Gonzales jumped from mainly cover song to cover song. She had singer/reporter Heather Cummings come up to demonstrate the sexy wining to the rhythm, she also called up her voice trainer – who had been sitting proud the whole time. However the trainer was not ready for the improvisation that was pounced upon her, and had trouble staying in pitch on a spur of the moment duet of a few musical phrases.

Although at the launch her singing was also a bit pitchy in spots, Gonzales is proof positive of recent research in education that correlates a strong musical background with high academic achievement. Among those in the house to celebrate with her, were reggae icons, Fred Locks and Half Pint.