Clearing the Air On the Torpedo Riddim Mix-up


torpedo_riddim.jpgToo similar are the two 'Torpedos' to be a mere coincidence some say. 'Jus Bus,' Miami/Antiguan based producer, says his latest star studded riddim 'Torpedo' has been a work in progress since its conception in 2005. However, the recent emergence of a similarly named and sounding riddim, 'Operation Torpedo,' by producer DJ Wayne, is causing some 'passa passa' in the ever controversial dancehall music scene and disillusionment for music lovers and fans.

Weighing in on the situation, 'Jus Bus,' who is clearly the forerunner in this riddim matter, stated, "We nuh care wah dem ah bus out dere. In fact I am a fan of DJ Wayne's 'Operation Torpedo' riddim - it have a nice lickle vibe."

The issue that must be clarified for all parties concerned is that the difference be known and that fans get the facts.

Jus_Bus.jpgExecutive produced by Glenn "Madd Dawg" Francis, A&R'd by Delly Ranx and mixed by Stephen 'De Genius' McGreggor (the 17 year old son of reggae legend Freddie McGreggor, responsible for hit riddims 'Tremor,' 'Powercut' and 'Dark Again') – 'Jus Bus' produced 'Torpedo' riddim was officially released in 2007 and since has began to heat up airwaves in dancehall markets.

This official 'Torpedo' riddim features the artists Vybz Kartel, Delly Ranx, Chino, Alozade, Bitta Blood, Kenyatta, Craig Dennis & Delly Ranxx, Tyna Vargas, Mr.Peppa and more. According to producer ‘Jus Bus,’ the close knit camp decided to dedicate the riddim to the memory of DJ Craig Dennis, whose sudden passing shocked and affected them deeply.

"This riddim is no joke ting - Craig was already on his way, him did a get ready fi bus large even without my help or this riddim… Craig and Delly cut a bad song pon di riddim," Jus Bus said. He further explained, "Delly is de one who pull di artist together and voice wid Craig same way. I never met di youth, wish I had, since I was never the one to fly to JA to cut the tune dem it was my bredrin Madd Dawg that did, but I think we all gonna miss him. For his music was real - him did a go torpedo his way to the top."

'Jus Bus' is also responsible For the riddim (instrumental) track for QQ's huge international hit entitled, "Rume Ram (Tek We Ah Gah Tek It To Dem)," a track he produced with a Canadian based Producer, Donavon "Drag" Rhoden for Deam Driven Entertainment/Jus Kauz Records.

Plans are now underway to shoot a video for some of the songs on the original "torpedo" riddim, by: 'Jus Bus.'