“Best Friend” by JAI is a reggae gospel album in all its glory


JAI.jpgThe brand new release of the debut gospel album "Best Friend" by JAI a.k.a. Wayne Buchanan firmly keeps with the tradition of what gospel music is all about - vibrant, rhythmic and soulful. "Best Friend" conveys a sound that is upbeat with a holy feeling that transcends flavors and styles, from traditional reggae to dancehall rhythms plus R&B and Hip Hop sounds.

On first listening, a number of tracks from this 15 set collection jump out at you, such as the upbeat, "Shout Jah" wherein JAI sings soulful praises to Jesus. On "All I Need" he rides a forceful dancehall rhythm while on "Healing," "Show Some Love" and "Spend My Always" which features Tina James with some tuff traditional reggae rhythm, JAI's vocalizing is reminiscent of reggae's super group Morgan Heritage. R&B and Hip Hop presence are strong on "Love" the title track, "They Don't Know" and the combination "Coming Soon" witch features Dwayne Jackson.

JAI is an acronym for JESUS AND I, an appropriate name for this Christian artist who, from as early as 12 years old had been saved and started singing in the church. At age 15 he became the lead singer for the group 'Total Praise.' Continuing his upward mobility, JAI became a member of the established band 'C Sharp.' Not withstanding those experiences, it was the release of his hit single, "Cant Take My Lord," released on Johnnie Clarke's Marjohnmuzik label that signaled the rise of this glittering star.

Thereafter JAI joined the revolutionary gospel reggae band Katalys Crew as the lead vocalist along with DJ Radic, releasing the album "Open Your Eyes. He simultaneously performed with Nadine Blair’s Perpetual Praise Team in their inspirational praise and worship ministry. There are a number of other collaborative projects that he has recorded for including the "Yow 2003" album.

JAI's musical mission is to minister to the masses with reality lyrics filled with spiritual vibes. He has toured the Caribbean and performed in Canada in his endeavor to spread the gospel of Jesus around the globe. He said "I am known as a solo artist now. But it is all about JESUS AND I; he is my Best Friend."

JAI is Produced by: Image Records, Marketed by: Caribbean Gospel Ministries USA, Distributed By: Finatic Records.