Shabba - the saga continues...


By: Elizabeth Smith

shabba_ranks.jpgAtlanta's Club Legacy was packed to the brim on September 8, 2007 as 2500 people came out to welcome forward "King Shabba." This was one of his rare appearances and Shabba Ranks more than thrilled the crowd; they were mesmerized.

Coming out on stage at around 4:00 in the morning, Shabba performed all his greats and some new hits to tracks. The lone performer for the evening, Shabba's patient and loyal fans were not disappointed, despite the missing instrumentalists.

One patron said, "Although the show was produced using sound tracks, with such a high entry price of $40 and $60 (VIP), I had to be here; it's because of Shabba - that they could pull this off and get away with it." Truly missed over the years on the reggae music scene, Shabba is now steadily working on new releases.

Shabba.jpgA single with Jay Z is in the works and Shabba has recently recorded another single with Busta Rhymes. The dancehall icon told Yardflex, "Shabba neva done...but tek some time out to bring up my youth dem - and you will see nuff of me in 2008." As a father, Shabba offers up advice to dads in his lyrical messages.

One strong value Shabba upholds is revealed in his prominent lyrics, "...will power - strong mind and ability that's why them can't stop a yute like me..." He told Yardflex that those three values must be applied in life, and if one possesses all three, then they can't go wrong.

Was his hiatus all about things going wrong for him in reggae music business? Shabba maintains he took time out to be more with his children, but also implied disappointment with past industry experiences. "Make sure yu get yu masters – mek sure yu get yu publishing - know the intricacies of the business and how to apply yourself," were strong suggestions of his.

After performing for about an hour and a half, Shabba was called back for three encores and after the last one, the crowd still wanted more. To this request, Shabba said a simple, "No - Cut," leaving all hanging on for his new releases and major resurgence.