HEDONISM III RUNAWAY BAY - Racking up Eight Years


Miss Hedonism III.jpgHedonism III in Runaway Bay is one of the most innovative resorts when it comes to dynamic entertainment. On September 14, 2007, their eighth anniversary was celebrated in fine grandeur to the theme of "Rack Em Up."

The full red carpet treatment was pulled out for the guests in attendance, some of whom were over-nighters; there for the sole purpose of taking part in the glorious celebration.

It was a combination of elaborate, dazzling costumes – a spectacular décor and lavish buffet spreads that was topped only by the outstanding entertainment.

Delivering the resort's theme night "Rack Em Up" in portrayals of Lace and Latex, Hedonism III’s entertainment department included the eighth staging of the Ms. Hedonism Pageant, won by Tabitha Gendreau. All this was capped off by the resort’s pulsating house band Xtacy.

Aubyn Lewis - PR Hedonism III with friends.jpgMarketing Manager of Cash Plus Group, Ms. Shelly-Ann Weeks and CPJ Brand Manager Mrs. Paullia McCooty-Greene were also there, partying with the beautiful people at Hedonism III.

According to Aubyn Lewis, Hedonism III's publicist, next year's celebrations are being planned to be even larger and grander as they look forward to being fine at age nine.