Shaq’s divorce blamed on wife’s personal trainer


By: J. Koni

shaq.jpgReports have begun to surface that part of the reason for National Basketball Association (NBA) star Shaquille O'Neal's filing to divorce his wife is because of her close relationship to her personal trainer.

Further, whispers have said that Shaunie O'Neal may have purchased that trainer a new Miami condo.

According to a person close to the O'Neal family, the young man who reportedly came between Shaq and his wife is the proud owner of a brand new luxury condo that Shaq's wife bought for him! The insider is alleged to have said, "[He] bought the condo early this year. And I'm not sure how much personal trainer's make, but I doubt it's enough for a condo in that building."

A Miami real estate website reports that condos in the building where the trainer reportedly now lives start at $650,000.