Did The "Energy God" bruk up "Diddy"


pdiddyandelephantman.jpgElephant Man and Diddy - did things come to blows and throws as reported so widely over the past few days? US based website www.mediatakeout.com sent the sensational report sailing across cyber space on the weekend, causing phones to start ringing off the hook. Story goes that the Energy God and his entourage entered the offices of Sean "P Diddy" Combs...was denied entry by the receptionist...didn't take kindly to that...barged into "Diddy's" office...refused to leave...was thrown out by security...then "P. Diddy" emerged with twisted shades and an alleged busted mouth.

What a tale!!! Q45 is crying foul. As Elephant Man's manager, he has been approached for explanations for this false reporting. It is just not true he reportedly said.