Asafa "9.74 seconds" Powell


By: Devon Anderson & Dwight Fraser
The world's fastest man Asafa Powell, achieved yet again an incredible feat, not impossible by his standards, as he shaved the world's best time of 9.77 seconds down to 9.74 seconds, in winning the men's 100 metres event at the Reti - Grand Prix - meeting in Italy on Sunday night.

The M.V.P sprinter established a personal, and season best, a year's leading and the second world record of his career in the heats of the event. In a legal trail wind of 1.7 metres per-second Powell got home ahead of Saidy Jaysuma of Norway whose time was 10.07 seconds and World Champion Kim Collins of St. Kitts who came third with 10.14 seconds.

The Jamaican erased the previous world leading time of 9.85 seconds done by American Tyson Gay,at the World Championship in Osaka.

A feat that some Yard Flex fans are hoping could have come in that same event against Tyson Gay at the World, stage in Japan.

Yard Flex spoke to someone in Asafa's MVP camp at Utech on Tuesday night, who explained that, "The best of Asafa is yet to come" and that Gay, "Must keep hiding from the "big man" who is peaking just about now."

That argument of Gay hiding from Powell has some merits as the American was due to face Powell On Friday September 14, in Belgium at the next Golden league meet, but told the organizers that he was tired, after competing in 9 races in eight days at the World Championship.

Yard Flex fans and the world will be looking on at Asafa Powell in Belgium.

Is there another record in the making?