Junior Kelly makes a masterpiece with “Prince of Roots”


JuniorKelly.jpgJunior Kelly has returned from a successful tour in Europe and finished his new album entitled Prince of Roots. "I tour pretty much every summer, going to new territories. Sometimes you present the music for the first time to people, the first time dem hear reggae, u make history," describes the artist of his recent experience.

Gracing fans around the world in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Germany, Austria, France, Poland, and other countries Junior Kelly expresses that even though he traveled to many areas, "There are many places yearning to greet Reggae's ambassadors. Countries like Indonesia, the Middle East, China, North and South Korea, Israel want to see us, I been doing drops for them. We'll be getting there soon."

The concept of Kelly's newest album "Prince of Roots" derives from looking at how the music has deteriorated and making it a masterpiece. "The quality and texture of the music is not the same. The hype is dampening the music, hindering it. So when we are creating, we try to get some new spice, different tracks that will bring out the highlights," Kelly explains.

The new album has different musical flavours like blue grass, punk rock and hard rock. "I like meddling with different music and coming up with different concoctions. It starts something that is vibrant, exotic, and unique. Making something that can’t be tainted, something to nourish and cherish," beams Kelly as he discusses “Prince of Roots."

His most recent album "Tough Life" granted him rave reviews through the popular single "Receive" and other hits. His recent duet "Missing You" with singer Barbee continues to remain in rotation as a favourite. Not one to stray far from his roots, Junior Kelly continues to show consistency with delivering quality music for over a decade.