Irie Jamboree was everything patrons wanted and some


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New York: Irie Jamboree 2k7 lived up to its reputation as being North America's premier reggae festival with another first class production that music pundits are saying may have eclipsed the spectacular presentation last year. The event held recently at Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, New York attracting well over 30,000 music lovers who were engaged by spectacular performances from Morgan Heritage, Stephen Marley, Jr. Gong, Tony Matterhorn, Munga, Macka Diamond, Etana and Da'Ville.

Legendary reggae outfit Morgan Heritage delivered arguably the best performance of event. The talented reggae group was in fine nick, delivering classic hits like " Don't Have Fe Dread To Be Rasta," "Tell Me How Come," "Down By The River," "People Are Fighting," "Set Yourself Free," "Protect Us Jah" and their current hit “Brooklyn & Jamaica” that left fans in a frenzy.

Singer Luciano had his moments in the spotlight but his overall performance lacked the intensity that would put him over the top, while singer Da'Ville charmed fans with "On My Mind," "Can't Get Over You," "This Time I Promise" and "So I'll Wait For You."

When Lady Saw pranced on stage, the crowd roared in anticipation. The legendary dancehall diva showed restrain in her song choice but still earned a positive reception from her many admirers. High point of her set came when she called on her friend Mavado, who buss the place with his current hit 'Wha Dem A Do."

Beenieman was not able to duplicate his spectacular Sumfest performance, although he gradually came into his own midway his set. Assassin's performance was lively and certainly one of the best I have seen. Mr. Vegas and Mr. Easy represented well, however the artiste New Yorkers wanted to see was Tony Matterhorn, who was making his first outdoor appearance as a DJ in New York. Performing in a specially made alien suit and sounding as crisp as ever, the DJ worked the crowd with "Dutty Wine," "Goodas Fe Dem" and earned kudos from the massive. Aside from a few risqué songs, the Man From Mars was well received by his fans.

The original fireman Anthony B came with his ball of fire and brought the curtain down with a spirited, high energy, fun filled performance that shows that he still has not lost his edge. Munga Honorable who was appearing for the first time in a major performance at a New York event, was warmly received by fans. The Gangsta Ras ruled the stage with popular hits like "Bad From Mi Born," "Wine Pon It," "Bad Like I," and "Not At All," that we delivered with passion and precision.
Several young, upcoming acts left an impressive mark at Irie Jamboree. Leading the charge were Etana, Jovi Rockwell, One Third, New York based acts Empress Isis, Ras David, Ras Penco, the talented Hench Man, and Lady Ann who all performed in the opening "Give De Youth A Buss" segment.

The festival climaxed with Stephen Marley who delivered songs from his debut album 'Mind Control." Highlight of his performance came when he was joined on stage by his younger brother Jr. Gong. It was two years ago that the young Marley delivered a stellar performance at the same venue. This year he was more restrained but still managed to stamp his authority with a two song medley which included his monster hit "Welcome to Jamrock."

Overall Irie Jamboree was a smashing success. The mood was positive and upbeat, the performances solid and the décor of the park certainly ranks among the best I have seen in the tri-state. Kudos to the production team for delivering another quality event that ranks on par with the best in the world.