Yendi Phillips, Miss Jamaica World 2K7 says she was a "Tom Boy"! Oh yes!


By: Joseph Cunningham
yendicrowning.jpgThe stunningly beautiful young woman was never the girl who would put on her mother's high heels and model around the house. Instead, as she put it during one television interview, " the thug would always come out."

Interviewing a number of her high school mates, they all concurred that Yendi's beauty was undeniable, but they refused to categorize their beloved friend as a "Tom Boy". They preferred to underscore her "down-to-earth" personality. " She could always be seen liming with girls of different levels, whether it was seniors or juniors; an she was a senior," Huldah Cunningham recalled. She added, " I was not even sure that she remembered who I was until I saw a surprise message in my inbox! She doesn't seem to have forgotten her beginnings."

It is a common sentiment that Yendi Phillips is indeed, "Beauty with a Purpose”. The segment of every beauty contest that oftentimes brings about the demise of contestants was obviously as easy as the Jamaican breeze for Phillips! She showed-off what was a pronounced "wide vocabulary", never caught searching for the right word at any moment.

Accordingly, her political and social ambitions come as no surprise. "I want to use this platform to affect changes," she said. After the passage of hurricane Dean through Jamaica, Miss Jamaica World toured the island to get her own "eye view" of damages. She did this because she said she wishes to be part of her country's development on a routine basis.

The second of two children, and the holder of a Bachelor of Arts degree, it is her desire to introduce art programmes to inner-city children, but in a recreative form. After school programmes for unfortunate children is part of her developmental vision. Miss Jamaica also holds a Masters Degree in Entertainment Management.

At the actual Miss Jamaica contest she got a bastion of support from a large portion of the audience. And, she said she only entered the contest because she wanted the victory and was confident she had a great chance. Yendi entered the competition after being prodded to action for five years by her model agency, Saint International.

Now her attention is on Shangai, China for the Miss World Pageant, and, she is in the gym everyday toning and grooming, doing weight training and Cardio twice daily- cycling and running. Phillips is also fine tuning her familiarity with the Chinese culture.

Like Nanny of the Maroons, Merlene Ottey, Veronica Campbell, Lisa Hanna and Cindy Brakespear, Yendi Phillips is preparing to cause the world to admire Jamaica while in awe.