Voice Mail took a positive message to Tortola, British Virgin Islands


Press Release
'We didn't want to just go there and do a regular performance. We wanted to make sure that we took our culture and leave with a positive message', O'neil Edwards, member of Voice Mail commented about the group’s recent performance in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

Voice Mail's performance on the three day festival on Tortola, marked the first time that the group was performing in that country. 'It was our first time there and we really enjoyed it', said Edwards.

More than 5,000 persons turned out for the festival which was held in an outdoor venue. 'We were surprised that the people there knew the words to our songs. It was quite interesting for us, because after about ten minutes into our performance, the people seemed to be very comfortable with us and were singing along word for word', Edwards reiterated.

The group delivered the hits Bring Yuh Body Come, Dancing Fever, Let's Dance, Ready to Party, Get Crazy, Weh Di Time, Wacky Dip and their latest release Bembe on the Big Ship label's Party rhythm.

'We ended the show with our message song Looks are Deceiving. That song speaks about the importance of protecting one's self against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. That's the message that we have been spreading while we were on the RETV High School Tour and it's a very relevant message that we fully endorse', said Edwards.

Pressure, Coco Tea, Tanya Stephens and Fire Lion were among the other Jamaica artistes who performed on the festival. Voice Mail left the island on August 15 for Japan’s Yokohama Reggae Festival. The festival was held over four days.