Son of Late Reggae icon Son of Late Reggae icon Joseph ‘Culture’ Hill releases single in homage to father


kenyatta1.jpgKenyatta Hill debuts' single, "Daddy," (Tafari Records) confronts the emotional pain and uncertainty he felt after the recent loss of his father. "While I was writing, I was sitting and crying, because I didn’t understand what was going on. I still don't understand what's going on, you just kind of to go with the flow," Kenyatta said.

His father, Joseph Hill, was the front man of Culture, the legendary vocal trio whose 1997 hit "Two Sevens Clash" helped define the roots reggae genre. In August 2006, while on tour in Berlin, Germany, Joseph Hill suddenly fell ill and passed away. Rather than cancel the rest of the tour, Kenyatta who has served as Cultures sound engineer since the age of 15 decided to step in for his father. "It was a challenge, because I never knew I could sing. I was a nervous wreck. There was pressure because I had a big role to fill."

"Daddy" is his first solo effort a poignant single backed by a masterful roster of musicians including Sly Dunbar and Dean Frasier. Full of the raw emotion or personal loss the single will resonate- musically and emotionally - with all audiences. Kenyattas upcoming debut album will be released later this year on Tafari Records.