Supercat assaults stage manager in defense of truths and rights


super cat 1.jpgShortly before his appearance on stage at Trinidad and Tobago’s MOB II Club, in Chaguaramas, "The Original Don Dadda" Supercat, reportedly struck the stage manager of "The Super Chutney Show" pushing him to the ground. Sources out of the twin islands say Supercat just could not "settle" with racial abuse flung his way by the prominent businessman, Wendell Naipaul.

Supercat, whose real name is William Maragh reportedly said to the audience, "I box down the promoter because him wha dis super Cat. Me ain't come Trinidad fi get mix up in no racism."

The "Wild Apache" outdid himself onstage, performing for an extra 30 minutes,before making a slick exit. On his final song, which had the phrase "I'm Leaving On a Jet Plane," Supercat walked off the stage into the audience and made his way while still singing straight to the parking lot and his car. He was out of there before police could hold him for questioning on the fracas.

Naipaul has not pressed charges and Supercat left Trinidad and Tobago the following day, customs officials said.