"Guns Dogs and Pusses"; an album review


By: Joseph Cunningham
Tony rbel.jpg"Mi lef it gi dem an dem still couldn't manage it." These are words from track number 17 of the song, "Gun Dogs and Pusses" on Tony Rebels latest album I Rebel. Maybe you have heard it said about albums so many times before, but there is no way I can avoid saying that this album is a classic.

The declaration on track 17 is not just one coming from 'a singer with a dying career who's seeking life through controversy' – it is definitely for real! This is one for the ages.
Let's start with the melodies accompanying each song. Pardon me Mr. Rebel, I know you appreciate your own identity, but the musical compositions on your album made me think, wow! This sounds like music that would come from Dennis Brown!

There are 20 tracks on the album, and none is of inferior quality. The production addresses humanity and issues which are most important to existence. Love, hate, trust, self actualization, religion, history and political issues are at the forefront of "the rebels" lyrical drive.

The entertainer, writer, show promoter and music producer printed his greeting on the cover of the album. In it he reveals the inspiration behind the album's content. It says, "The history of our nation has always been closely related to the history of our music, and the music has been both the rallying point, and the inspirer of our national unity: therefore, we continue to do what we do best. Every thought becomes action, action becomes habit, habit becomes character, and character becomes destiny."

Yardflex's microscopic views

This is a track by track summary.

(1)Lalibella" The song encourages all to know your history and to stay in touch with it mentally and emotionally. This awareness would bring unity.

(2) Hear My Cry- This is an appeal to "Jah" for protection from evil forces and persons who seek to distort proper moral principles.

(3) Heart of Gold- This examines a woman who is determined and resolute, but can be moved by affection.

(4) Mr. Love- This is a love song that examines the man who is confident in declaring himself to be the “Knight in shining armor" to any damsel in distress.

(5) Take Care of yourself- The message here
encourages one to be able to appreciate him/her before attempting to be a lover or caregiver to someone else.

(6) Never Let Go- Encourages "stick-to-itiveness". The relentless pursuing of ones dreams and aspirations will bring triumph.

(7) Hypocrisy- This looks at politics and its indiscretions.

(8) Sweet Aroma- The "rebel" rebels by idolizing the controversial herb, marijuana.

(9) For the Love of You- Here Tony Rebel expresses his deepest feelings for his lover.

(10) Know yourself- This song encourages self-actualization. Fulfilling ones maximum potential.

(11) Brake the Cycle- A continuation of a negative family cycle is the ultimate destruction. One should endeavor to be taking his/her surname to new levels of
respectability with each generation.

(12) One Bad thing to be poor- Looks at the cruelty of poverty.

(13) Do it again- Be motivated by past successes, no matter how dismal the future appears, be encouraged by past achievements.

(14) Fire Fire- Highlights a need for condemning immorality and a pronouncement of the demise of persons who facilitate corruption.

(15) Mi Love Her- Another confession of undying love for his girl.

(16) Necessary- The song renounces recklessness by persons who have wealth and power.

(17) Gun Dogs and

(18) Step up in Life- Encourages upward social mobility.

(19) Trust in the Most High- Faith in the creator for daily sustenance.

(20) Lonely- The discomforts which result from the absence of that special someone in a persons life.