Another Rocking Reggae woman cries "Misunderstandings and Physical Altercations"


michellejustbust.jpgMad Michelle, who once ruled as Queen of the Dancehall is livid about gossip attaching her to selector Fire Links. Whoever started this rumor has cause mayhem in her 5 year relationship with partner, Harry Toddler. Michelle said that the rumors are not true, and she has never ever been approached in any inappropriate way by Fire Links.

Michelle whose real name is Ann-Marie McKoy, said she has been in a relationship with Toddler ever since she won the Dancehall Queen title in 2003. Now his lack of trust is causing them to have physical altercations and the worst part of it all for Mad Michelle is that she is suffering as a result of malicious lies.

Recently returned to Jamaica from touring places like Martinique, Montreal and Cayman, Mad Michelle says her career as a popular dancer is doing well and she is actually testing the singing waters. A new dance song to be released in the next 2 months is in the pipeline for her.