Don Imus making comeback after "Nappy Headed Ho" comment


By: J. Koni
don imus.jpgal_sharpton2.jpgDon Imus, the radio broadcaster who was axed from CBS Radio earlier this year after he called members of a mostly black Rutgers University Women's Basketball team, "nappy-headed hos" on his radio show, "Imus in the Morning," is planning a comeback after reaching a settlement over his multi-million dollar contract with the station. Previously, he threatened to sue CBS for $120 million in a breach-of-contract lawsuit, but both parties reached an agreement on Tuesday August 14.

The terms of the settlement reached Wednesday, August 15 with former employee CBS, is for $20 million and it leaves Imus a free agent.

To date, Imus has been talking with rivals WABC-AM radio to resume his broadcasting career and there are rumors of him possibly going over to ABC, Clear Channel or XM and Sirius satellite radio.

Political, civil rights and social justice activist, Al Sharpton said "Imus could become the poster boy of redemption and of turning around from this error of degradation," Sharpton said. "We've never said he should never work again, but we would certainly monitor under what circumstance and safeguards they would have. He's certainly going to have to convince us that there's somebody else sitting in the chair."

Many say Sharpton is going to be either very disappointed or very busy.