Sharp, Melodic and Royal - Taurus Riley Rules


By: Joseph Cunningham
Taurus Riley's "She's Royal" is one of those songs void of an expiry date. Simply put the song is a classic. Taurus has been on the periphery of superstardom for a long time; but the sun is currently shining on him, and it's doing so brightly. Other hot current singles from today's hottest Reggae crooner are "Parables" and "Beware."

Listen to his music! Does the sensation that you feel remind you of a rising Bob Marley, Garnett Silk or Beresford Hammond? Yes, it comes from a contagious sound that could bring a meteoric rise similar to his predecessors.

Despite his soulful sound, Taurus' music transcends mere melodies for the ears, because like Peter Tosh, he could be called "a stepping razor".

The name of his debut album is "The Man Who Thinks He's Larger Than Life." "That album was my introduction to the world. It was not promoted, but the public was still sensitized about my mission, which is to heal lives."

Accordingly, the mission proceeds with his second album, just released and titled, "Parables." Taurus said, "This album makes my voice stronger. I am declaring my faith louder. My ultimate goal is to heal, teach and uplift through my music. My father is Jimmy Riley, a foundation Reggae singer and my mother is a nurse, so genetically I bring healing, healing music." According to Taurus, the album is a gem produced in tandem with legendary musician Dean Fraser that contains 15 tracks addressing political, love, and other social issues.

Further, with a daughter now in his life, Taurus said "Parables" will also demonstrate his added experience as a person.

"I'm comfortable with this album because it represents me fully. All the melodies came straight from my head." Taurus Riley commends his parents for introducing him to musical instruments at a tender age. Today, he plays the keyboard expertly. Taurus revealed his knowledge of instruments gives him the kind of advantage that the likes of Bob Marley had. "Just like Bob Marley, I am able to prepare a "skeleton sound" before I go to the studio. Quiet personal examination, composition and introspection of sounds and melodies will always provide a musician with authentic sounds," Taurus asserted. For the record, he noted that he appreciates all genres of music.

He was given the show- name Taurus by his mother, because of the time of year he was born and to symbolize the rapid rate at which he "spat" lyrics as a kid. "My father played his part, but it was my mother who really pushed me to be singer."

Reggae's latest "stepping razor" had words to share about the war in Iraq! "We do not need to go to war in order to free ourselves. Differences should make us stronger instead of dividing us! Variety is the spice of life. If a man love pineapples he should be allowed to have it, and if it offend others he should still be allowed the privilege of his own space. War cannot quell war! What's happening is due to ignorance," he contends.

The mission continues, and most recent recordings such as, "Midnight Hour," "Backbiters" and "Lion Paw" should solidify this. Riding on the waves of a sterling performance at Reggae's largest "showpiece", Reggae Sumfest, Taurus will appear to his legion of fans in Holland, England and in New York over the next couple of months.