Usher and Tameka are Married


On Friday August 4, 2007, Usher and Tameka Foster became man and wife, according to gossip columnist, Stella Foster of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Writing that Usher and Tameka tied the knot at a private ceremony performed in the office of Usher’s attorney, Stella Foster (no relation to the bride), put the puzzle pieces together for confused and disappointed fans. The couple recently called off their planned elaborate wedding that was to take place in the Hamptons estate of LA Reid.

Sources for the gossip columnist said Jonetta Patton, Usher’s disapproving mother was surprisingly in attendance. She has been vocal in the recent past about her apprehensions when it comes to his marriage. Usher’s new bride, a divorcee, is pregnant with his first and her fourth child. Foster’s being older than her 28 year old husband was a matter of contention for Patton, who reportedly also snubbed the wedding idea because Foster was instrumental in her being fired as Usher’s manager last May.
The report said that Friday’s nuptials went ahead following the ironing out of an elaborate prenuptial agreement.