Dez I on the conscious path to stardom


By: Joseph Cunningham
DEZI.jpg" Unu naah stop si mi till unu gi mi." These are leading lines from one of the most memorable songs ever entered in the Tastee Talent search finals, and it was written and performed by Dez I.

The Tastee Talent search is one of Jamaica's many answers to American Idol. Dez I entered in 1999 and now about 8 years later he is a familiar face at mainstream reggae and Dancehall performance shows worldwide.

"After the 'Tastee' success I contacted my childhood friend Sherwin Sterling, chief executive officer at the Atlanta, Georgia based label, New Creation Records who asked for a demo," Dez I said. He has been signed to the label since then.

Released on the New Creation Records label, Dez I's debut album is entitled, "Thanks for Life." It is comprised of a multi-cultural assortment of empowering, educational and entertaining musical messages.

Promoting the album has exposed Dez I to a wide audience. "I've traveled and performed to all parts of the world. Several people have touched my life and inspired me in various ways. This album is not only a testimony of those experiences, but also an opportunity to live up and be responsible," Dez I explained. Currently, he is preparing for an international promotional tour supporting the album release.

Recently he has recorded "Seek Jah First" and "Real People" for acclaimed producer Mikey Bennett. Commenting on the single, "Real People," he stated, "When one finds himself in influential positions, one should use it to make the world a better place. No race, no class, no creed nor religion, just the real people mission we deh pon."
Dez I was a bundle of energy on stage at All Spice- a show that featured international Reggae superstars such as Sizzla and Capleton. He represented himself admirably, like the rising sensation that he is.