Rootsman Sound
Canada's 2006 "Fully Loaded" Champions, Rootsman Sound has been on a rapid growth streak and has finally come into its own. The group has embarked on steady expansion, spreading their production wings and creating more arms in a company built with a focus on young disc jockey and other musical talent.

Friday nights at Toronto's El Magnate Club is one new venture that sees the clashing champs promoting theirs and other major sound systems, with the occasional special celebrity guest being featured.

Making huge strides since their 1997 birth in the garrisons of Toronto's Jane/Finch buildings and basements, Rootsman Sound's Randy said, "In 10 years a lot has transpired – the main thing is Rootsman Sound has maintained the clash vibe and rubadub attitude that it is famous for."

Touted as the newest "epidemic" as far as sounds go, Rootsman Sound is set to enter into "sound wars" with the best of the best internationally. Hitting New York on August 24, they will be in your part of the world soon. Watch out for them with selectors: Ranger – Killer – Keno – Shortman – Dickey – Babyboy and Jigsy