Using Airwaves D’Angel Tells Jamaica she is a victim of Beenie Man’s physical abuse


By: Bootilicious

D'AngelPregnancyYardFlex.pngBeenie Man and wife D'Angel's relationship has turned into a rocky road. Speculations about his marriage being in trouble have been spreading throughout Jamaica since the recent and widely published photo of The Doctor and upcoming singer Barbee sharing intimate moments at Sumfest.

Irie Fm's Da Buzz hosted by K'shema Francis and DJ Bones, invited Beenie Man to do an interview on Wednesday, where he tried to justify his actions at Sumfest by saying that his wife was having an affair with someone in New York. In turn D’Angel called in on the airwaves and denied the allegations, saying that Moses had left home over 4 months ago and was back to his old dog ways.

D'Angel was cut of the line and was later invited by Mutabaruka to share her side on The Cutting Edge. It was during this conversation that she admitted to being severely physically abused by Beenie Man to the point that currently she had a black and blue eye. She also said that he forcefully removed her wedding ring from her finger.

Whether this couple will be able to mend their problems that have become a public soap opera, nobody knows. However, D'Angel says that she will stand up for herself and represent all women who have been abused and beaten by their husbands, lovers, and boyfriends.